The Foundation works in the field of development and community with a national vision to work to involve the local community effectively and stakeholders in identifying their needs, and choose the appropriate steps to provide solutions to them. The Foundation also develops the leadership skills of young people to take the leading role in community development through training programs and meetings Exchange of knowledge and experience among young people.


The Foundation's activities fall within four areas which are the main guidelines for the implementation of the Foundation's strategy:

1.      Protection and empowerment

2.      Health

3.      Education

4.      Rights


A society capable of participatory development.


We are FOR ALL FOUNDATION we care about the development of the individual as a cornerstone in building an effective society to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, which are aimed primarily at women, children and youth in the Republic of Yemen through empowering and building the capacities of

Our Strategy:

Contribute to the implementation of the plan for the National Strategy for Children and Youth in coordination with the competent authorities.

Establishing a network to advocate for children and youth issues.

Contribute to social and economic empowerment with community members.

Contribute to supporting the institutional building of youth initiatives and civil society institutions.

Our Goals:

Building and supporting the capacities of children and young people by enhancing their skills to express themselves.

Contribute to support the educational process for children and youth, develop their curricula and methods and strive to achieve the principle of education for all.

Participate in raising the level of awareness of community values ​​and international covenants.

Improving the living income of the members of society by creating better living opportunities by developing their skills and qualifying them for integration into the labor market.

Develop and promote community awareness of reproductive health issues.

Develop values ​​of national loyalty and promote the concept of community participation.

Contribute to the implementation of the implementation plan for the National Strategy for Children and Youth.